Thursday, 5 August 2010

Top Beauty News 05.08.2010

August-born beauties include Brooklyn Decker (3), Angie Harmon (10), Eve Torres (21), Cameron Diaz (30), Demi Lovato (20), Halle Berry (14) and Blake Lively (25), so you’re in great company, regal Leos and meticulous Virgos!

A Swarm of Summer Tools: Part I
June in New York City is typically…well…perhaps typically isn’t the right word anymore. This year, June seems to be worse than August, which doesn’t bode well for the heat and humidity the next few months will surely dump on us. And through the hot mess that is the NYC summer, our feet will be beset [...]

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REVEALED: Leighton Meester's beauty secrets

The Gossip Girl reveals her make-up must-haves and how she keeps her tousled locks looking so gorgeously groomed


I know you’ve been taking care not to damage your skin this summer by slathering on high SPF cream daily, haven’t you? Well, sometimes, some of those nasty damaging UV rays get through, and then combined with the damage of sunny days past, plus stress and pollution, which all damage collagen and elastin, you’ve [...]

Minx It Up!
Katy Perry helped propel the already intriguing Minx Manicure to the stratosphere when she said you can get a Minx mani and move your entire house without sustaining a chip!

Choose a skin care regime Skin care routine skin care

New Skin Care Product That'll Give You Feet as Soft as a Baby's Tush
As we all know, summer is both a blessing and a curse for feet. We all rejoice when sandal season comes around and then grumble at the cracked heels and calluses that come with baring our soles (sounds dramatic, but having nasty, crusty feet can be that dramatic). Between my love of flip-flops and days of padding around barefoot on hardwood floors, my foot files and creams just can't keep up. totalbeauty

Does Your Hair Need Inspiration?
Find out if you need to breathe new life into your hairstyle, or if it's just right -- then discover your celeb hair muse. Ever flip through a magazine and see a hairstyle you wish you could pull off? Or is it the exact opposite -- you're the one setting the trends? Either way, sometimes we just need a little style inspiration. Answer the following questions about your current hairstyle and favorite trends, and we'll tell you just how much hairstyle encouragement, if any, you need. totalbeauty

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