Thursday, 25 February 2010

The birthday gifts for my family

Fine! I know everybody want to have nice things, everybody love shopping.. well maybe some more than others, but you know what i mean. I love purchasing stuff - clothes, cosmetics, accessories, stuff for my spouse and kids, stuff for my home..

Maybe I am not exactly hard shopoholic, because I can control myself.. sometimes, but as everyone I have my weaknesses too. :) My family always are joking with me when I came home with few full bags..

So, my spouse and my first child - girl was born on the same date and month (different years of obviously). I am organizing a party for two of them, but I am still not ready with the gifts.

And today I was wondering what I should get them. What will make them happy? I have a few ideas for my girl and several for my spouse, which I want to share with you.

For my little woman (almost 15 years old) I will probably get some beauty stuff, because she is so into makeup, maybe too early, but she is a smart kid.. but my bigger surprise for her is a lovely pink Toshiba mini laptop.. and of course some clothes and I don't know. Whatever I liked..

My spouse has a sport nature and right know he is training for his first triathlon.. So I was wondering to buy him some rocking tri bars or maybe some cool and sexy triathlon wetsuit or some gadgets..

I have so many ideas.. I will continue my search online and will write again, after the party, what was the actual gifts and what my family said about them :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Kristen Stewart Fashion Disaster

The Twilight star Kristen Stewart is a fashion disaster, according to bunch of online fashion magazines..

Seem like Stewart is perfect for Bella Swan.. :)

I can totally agree - Everyone to his taste! But miss Stewart is just shocking every time I see her.

I don't pretend to be proficient in fashion world, but anyways...

The picture of her that I found today was at eonline. And they said that Kristen had has a progress, because she had learned to be more comfortable with all this posing for pictures..

If you ask me, she is boring with that depressing face all the time. Her fashion taste is without questions.

I saw a interview with Stewart and she said that she is loving the old fashion sneakers and clothes, which explained why she dress her self like that.. :)

Apparently I don't know nothing about fashion and I will be quiet :)

Can't wait till 2011 to see Breaking Dawn (which is the best book of all four)

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

British designer - Alexander Mcqueen

From his digital print minis to enchanting red-carpet gowns, the British designer - who died this week - knew how to make women look and feel enchanting.

Fashion icons Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and lately Rihanna and Lady GaGa they all wanted Mcqueen to make fabulous dresses for them.

Here are some of McQueen's most gorgeous creations in tribute to the style genius.

To be totally honest I didn't understand his creations before and less now. Maybe I don't know nothing for fashion, but so what .. I don't like Lady Gaga's crazy "dresses".. they are way to much for me..

...Just saying... ;)

source: the sun

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Monday, 15 February 2010

Hollywood's 'Most Desired' Body

As Jennifer Aniston has no longer the hottest Hollywood body, there is a new "body" considered as most hottest for 2010, which is the Black Eyed Peas songstress Fergie.

As a woman I like Fergie's body just a little bit more than Jennifer's. I very like the two of them, but miss Aniston's figure is too much boned for me, I like muscles just as Fergie.

Although, I have to say with the years Jennifer Aniston became more and more sexier. How many women can say that for themselves, even if they are celebrities.

The second and the third place from 13th Annual "Famed Hottest Looks." - hottest Hollywood body are for the actress Olivia Wilde and the Victoria's Secret model Gisele Bundchen.

original article: foxnews

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

My buddy Ronny was driving with no insurance

My uncle Rick was driving uninsured. I regret giving him the car.

How often do cops check for insurance anyway? Its never happened to me, that's for sure.

Of course he will be fined but there is more. Now even if he wants to get insured, he will need SR22. I'm not really sure what that is really. Some info on the net SR22 Form, SR22 Insurance and SR22 - what is it?.

He may even go to jail if he does it again. I didn't know that the penalties for driving uninsured were that hars.

May be he should be happy he wasn't in a accident Can only imagine what would have happened if he had been drunk as well

I still can't believe he did such an idiotic thing. Definitely the last time I'm giving him my car

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cute Valentines day ideas 2010

With the start of February hundreds and hundreds of people are wondering what would be the best gift for their loved one.

The most important thing on Valentines day is giving! Because giving is receiving!

Here are a few Valentines day ideas 2010:

Love messages - that may sound stupid for one and adorable for somebody else, so, send a love quote if you think your half will be happy with..

Give him/her a flowers - at least one flower. One flower may cost nothing, but means a lot (for some people even more than fancy holiday)

Give him/her a surprise private party in nice hotel room (or even at your home), decorated with hearts, or flowers, or candles,... Make your spouse screaming from pleasure and happiness.

Give him/her a romantic and relaxing holiday

Or just give him/her plenty of your LOVE! If you can't spent hundreds of dollars for one day, this will do an amazing job!

Happy Valentines day!

Monday, 1 February 2010

The 5 Most Craziest Grammys Costumes

Music's fiercest lady toughened up for the Grammys stage, shaking her million-dollar curves in an Atelier Versace leather dress composed entirely of tiny triangles studded together at each corner.

She might be one of country's biggest stars, but there was nothing down-home about the skin-tight leather pants and mirrored black bustier that the Sugarland singer rocked for her Grammys performance with Bon Jovi.

For anyone else, hitting the stage in a bejeweled sea-foam leotard with linebacker shoulders, matching booties and hot-pink eye patches would guarantee most outrageous status. But this is Lady Gaga – and we're seeing more subtley than crazy here, thanks to Giorgio Armani, who custom-designed the ensemble.

Pink might have hit the carpet in a gown that whispered Old Hollywood, but onstage she was back to her shock tactics, spiraling overhead in a nearly nude bodysuit wrapped in elastic bands and a strategic sprinkling of jewels.

So what could possibly out-gaga Lady Gaga? The super sci-fi stylings of Fergie ! Think Tron meets Wonder Woman: a sequined skin-tight bodysuit with reflective arm cuffs, a visor headband and a futuristic girdle by designer B Ackerlund. The only thing missing? A lasso.

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