Thursday, 25 February 2010

The birthday gifts for my family

Fine! I know everybody want to have nice things, everybody love shopping.. well maybe some more than others, but you know what i mean. I love purchasing stuff - clothes, cosmetics, accessories, stuff for my spouse and kids, stuff for my home..

Maybe I am not exactly hard shopoholic, because I can control myself.. sometimes, but as everyone I have my weaknesses too. :) My family always are joking with me when I came home with few full bags..

So, my spouse and my first child - girl was born on the same date and month (different years of obviously). I am organizing a party for two of them, but I am still not ready with the gifts.

And today I was wondering what I should get them. What will make them happy? I have a few ideas for my girl and several for my spouse, which I want to share with you.

For my little woman (almost 15 years old) I will probably get some beauty stuff, because she is so into makeup, maybe too early, but she is a smart kid.. but my bigger surprise for her is a lovely pink Toshiba mini laptop.. and of course some clothes and I don't know. Whatever I liked..

My spouse has a sport nature and right know he is training for his first triathlon.. So I was wondering to buy him some rocking tri bars or maybe some cool and sexy triathlon wetsuit or some gadgets..

I have so many ideas.. I will continue my search online and will write again, after the party, what was the actual gifts and what my family said about them :)

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