Tuesday, 2 March 2010

To go or Not to go?

OK, a few days ago I was looking around on the internet, listening my favorite UK radio (Absolute) and I heard about the coming of the best summer music festival ever, and when I said ever I really mean ever. There is no better fest that this.. still wondering!? .. V festival 2010 of course! :)

The tickets will be on sale on March 5th, which mean after two more days I will buy my tickets.. Isn't it great!

And this year's line up is pretty colorful, you have the names like Kings of leon, Kasabian, David Guetta, The Prodigy, Paul Weller, White lies, Mika, even Cheryl Cole will be singing on the v festival 2010... of course there are so many more singers and group, but if I start write down every single one of them I'm gonna spent my day in front of the computer.. :)

I was thinking, or at least my sister was thinking (she actually given me that ideas few months ago) to buy tickets for all weekend, from Friday to Sunday... Which is not so bad ideas. I've been to V festival 5 years ago and it was so much fun, absolutely great experience :)

I had a few more ideas - for T in the park festival 2010 or even Reading festival, but my sister said V fest! :)

If someone else is going to, please write a comment. I would love to meet new people there..

I will update the ticket prices as soon as I learn them :)

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