Thursday, 26 November 2009

Be safe when frying your turkey

Deep-fried bird has its benefits: It cooks very quickly. It's non-greasy. And it's deliciously moist.

But getting that deep-fried bird on the Thanksgiving table today can be a dangerous task if the cook is careless.

County firefighters and safety experts are urging residents to oven-roast turkeys the old-fashioned way and leave the deep-frying to Food Network pros..

Now that millions of cooks seek out recipes online, the culinary habits of a nation on its greatest food holiday can be codified and analyzed a boon for marketers and trend watchers.

There are no huge surprises. Millions of people will, in fact, eat turkey. But district differences and the precise time that Thanksgiving panic kicks in can be pinpointed as never before.

At all the big food Web sites, traffic on the day before Thanksgiving dwarfs that of all other days..

"There are a few instances in the US every year where there have been fires or earnest injuries as a direct result of people using turkey fryers," Cox said. "I wouldn't call it a big problem within the US, however the incidents that results from these tend to be very earnest. These are fires that cause significant damage and very earnest injuries.". .

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