Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dave Wannstedt - Charlie Weis Heading in Opposite Directions

Dave Wannstedt - Charlie Weis Heading in Opposite Directions

In 2005, these two began coaching at their respective universities with very different resumes.

In the middle of the 2004 NFL season, Wannstedt resigned from the Dolphins after a 1-8 start.

The polar opposite of Wannstedt, Weis could have written his own ticket. He chose to coach at Notre Dame, which seemed like a perfect fit;

In the fall of 2005, Weis and Wannstedt actually began their college head-coaching careers against each other.

Wannstedt has improved his team, slowly but steadily, over the past five seasons.

Pittsburgh took a big lead into the fourth quarter, but after some Notre Dame heroics, it appeared like a classic Wannstedt choke-job was in the works.. What do Florida Fans think about that.

Watching this game, it sure seemed like a changing of the guard between two former AFC East coaches..
Good luck to them both.

What we learned
1. Dave Wannstedt's teams are now capable of winning close games.
2. Rutgers has improved mightily since the beginning of the season.
3. Syracuse has not improved and is still the worst team in the Big East.

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