Monday, 19 April 2010

Technology News 19.04

Village launches DIY broadband
A small village in the Midlands has taken on BT at its own game, offering fast broadband services to 200 homes.

Space truck
Europe prepares its space station freighter

Apple delays iPad global release
Apple has announced that the international launch of its iPad tablet computer will now be at the end of May.

How far off are real ‘superhero’ powers?
In the new movie "Kick-Ass," the main character says, "You don’t need a power to become a superhero." How far are we from attaining those long-sought-after superpowers? In some cases, they’re practically here.

Silk implant could aid spinal injuries, epilepsy
A brain implant made partly of silk can melt onto the surface of the brain, providing an "intimate" connection for recording signals, researchers reported on Sunday.

EU Official:Science Behind Volcano Flight Ban Not Always Clear - Wall Street Journal
EU Official:Science Behind Volcano Flight Ban Not Always ClearWall Street JournalBRUSSELS (Dow Jones)--The science behind the ban on flights over most of Europe because of volcanic ash that could damage jet engines isn't always clear, ...and more »

Missouri Science and Technology tuition goes up for out of state students - KY3
KY3Missouri Science and Technology tuition goes up for out of state studentsKY3But out-of-state and graduate students will have to pay more after a Friday morning vote at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. ...and more »

Stranded leader runs country by iPad
Running a country? There's an app for that.

Who said tweets are trivial?
Web sites come and go, but the short bursts of text you publish on one Web site in particular -- --may end up having a longer shelf life than the company itself. The Library of Congress announced this week that it will archive the billions of tweets published since Twitter launched in March 2006.

Space robots: Round 2
The next generation of space robot is here.

Search Giant Found Wanting As Google Slips
Investors failed to find what they were searching for from Google - despite the internet giant posting a 38% jump in profits. read more

Mazda Recall Adds To Japan's Car Woes
Mazda has announced it is recalling 90,000 cars in the latest blow to the reputation of the embattled Japanese automotive industry. read more

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